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UPDATE: Ignite moved, not killed

UPDATE: Ignite moved, not killed

by: David Rubinstein

In a just-posted blog, Microsoft's CMO Chris Capossela clarified what will happen with the Ignite conference: It's not being killed, only moved out of Chicago to a time later in the year.

Here's the new events schedule for next year, according to Capossela:

"Over the years of running these events, we've continued to listen to your feedback and use it to refine our approach. To that end, we have made the decision to shift Microsoft Ignite from spring to fall. With this change our 2016 schedule will be:

From the blog post, Capossela explains:

  • "Convergence-for Business Leaders seeking to explore emerging trends, discover new solutions and realize the opportunity to achieve more.
  • Build-for Developers looking for the latest vision and direction from Microsoft.
  • Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC)-for Partners focusing on how they can drive business growth with us and our partner channel to deliver solutions to our mutual customers.
  • Microsoft Ignite-for IT Professionals looking for what's next in technology and skill building across Microsoft's technologies.?

There you have it.

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