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Valo Intranet Built on Modern SharePoint: A Modern, Dynamic Spin on A Classic

Valo Intranet Built on Modern SharePoint: A Modern, Dynamic Spin on A Classic

by: Valo Intranet 01 Aug 2018

SPTechCon Boston 2018 will be a little more Modern this year with Valo Intranet demoing Valo Modern, built on Modern SharePoint! We are thrilled to showcase all the great capabilities coming out of Modern SharePoint and our own product, built to take advantage of its new offerings and functionalities.

A Modern Way to Get End Users Excited

As we all know, aside from being its namesake, Modern SharePoint revolutionizes the SharePoint we know and love. Everyday users will particularly enjoy the update, as it makes it a lot easier for them to use, providing them with a more responsive and faster product, straight out of the box. With Communication Sites, Modern Team Sites and other improvements, such as column formatting and business apps integration, users will love to work with the new SharePoint.

It has been a joy for our developers to take advantage of these new offerings and, yet again, make the user experience something special. At Valo, we don’t want to replace what SharePoint is, but rather deliver extra value on top of the great features SharePoint already provides.

A Modern Way to Collaborate

Valo Intranet built on classic SharePoint, loved by over a million users around the globe, is an amazing solution that works on top of SharePoint 2013/2016, as well as Office 365.

While Classic Valo is still very much alive and kicking, Modern Valo is the next step in our journey! This version of Valo is built on top of Communication Sites, Hub Sites, Team Sites and provides enterprises with the features they need to increase collaboration and engagement through their intranet. 

Here are some of the top features:

1 - Consistent Branding and Navigation across your communication and collaboration sites

2 - Easily create pages and news from pre-saved templates

3 - Reach the right people with targeted news

To witness these features yourself and learn more, visit us at SPTechCon 2018 in Boston, booth #309!


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