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  • This past week, Microsoft announced an incredible number of updates and upcoming improvements to SharePoint. Some will be available in the near term and others over the next several months. No matter what you have thought about SharePoint in the past, it’s time to take a look at what is coming, because this is not your father’s SharePoint.

  • SP Marketplace (www.spmarketplace.com), the leader in out-of-the-box Office 365 and SharePoint business portals and applications, announced SP Extranet, a next generation portal solution that brings together external groups and organizations to work harmoniously and enhance business relationships. 

  • SP Marketplace (http://www.spmarketplace.com/), the leader in Office 365 business portals and applications, announced SP Business Suite 365, a next generation business suite that transforms Office 365 into an operational hub that drives higher employee productivity and collaboration.  

  • 0902.sp-spmarketplace

    SP Marketplace (www.spmarketplace.com), the leader in Office 365 business portals and applications, announced SP Gov Suite for small- to medium-size cities and counties (SMC). SP Gov is a complete suite of application templates built on Office 365 that transforms local government by leveraging cloud-based solutions to improve and automate citizen services, employee self-service and community collaboration. 

  • SP Marketplace (SharePoint Marketplace), the leader in Office 365 business applications, announced Release 5 of SP HR, a business application template pre-built on SharePoint and Office 365. SP HR is part of SP Business Suite, the first business software architected specifically for Office 365 SharePoint Online, which includes ten modules which deliver an out-of-the-box Intranet and department structure for SMBs. They can be purchased individually or in packages. SP HR module includes:

    * HR Employee Portal

        *  Create and view My Service Requests

        *  Update My Employee Information

        *  My Performance Reviews

        *  My Employee Documents

        *  Latest HR News announcements, events and discussions

    *  HR Staff Site

        *  Service Request management

        *  HR Dashboard

        *  Employee Information management

        *  Hiring process automation

        *  Performance Review

        *  Employee On – off Boarding

        *  Benefits Tracking

        *  Employee document management

        *  Policy and procedure libraries

    Release 5: Driving Productivity in HR processes with document and forms automation
    Much of the new features and functions in the new release are centered on bringing together business forms and documents commonly in MS Excel, MS Word, PDF or Web into the business automation structure of SP HR in SharePoint.

    “A challenge for HR. staff is employee document management,” states Darrell Trimble CEO of SP Marketplace. “With Release 5 of SP HR, we not only have added workflows to automate processes, we now can generate documents for new hires, or other activities from Employee Information in the module. This allows HR staff to concentrate on the process rather than shuffling paper.”

    For example SP HR can be setup to generate new hire documents such as W4, I9, Direct Deposit form and more. These documents are emailed as part of the Onboarding process in a package to the new hire to fill out and return electronically. The new form / document integration is delivered in pre-packaged templates with SP HR and integrated in workflow processes. These templates can be customized or new forms/documents developed with SP Marketplace Services or by the customer themselves using tools available from SP Marketplace through partnerships with Qorus Software, FormRouter and DC Software.
  • SP Marketplace (SharePoint Marketplace) the leader in Office 365 business applications, announced SP Project Tracker Pro, a project management template pre-built on SharePoint and Office 365. SP Project Tracker Pro is part of SP Business Suite, the first business software architected specifically for Office 365 SharePoint Online, which includes ten modules which deliver an out-of-the-box Intranet and Departments structure for small to medium businesses. They can be purchased individually or in packages. SP Project Tracker Pro module includes:

  • SP Marketplace (SharePoint Marketplace) the leader in Office 365 business applications, announced Business Transformation Services, a best practices structured approach for small to medium (SMB) organizations to consolidate and move business processes to the cloud. Unlike traditional consulting services, it uses a very structured process with clearly defined practices, worksheets and project phases along with the accelerator application templates in SP Business Suite. It puts in place an Intranet structure which goes beyond a simple Intranet Home Page. 

    Moving to the cloud with the Office 365 Platform is just the start. Many organizations initially move their email, office applications, and basic collaboration (document sharing, etc.) to Office 365 and stop there. That is like buying a Ferrari and only driving it 25 mph to the grocery store. It is using only a small portion of the platform, leaving the full productivity opportunities on the table. SP Marketplace Business Transformation Services provide an SMB organization with the Road-map, Implementation Plan, and SMB Best Practices to realize the full potential of the Office 365 Platform to drive collaboration and automate processes leveraging portal and application templates in SP Business Suite.

    “After over 500 implementations we have learned what works and what does not in transforming your business to realize the full potential of the cloud,” stated Darrell Trimble, CEO at SP Marketplace. “Deploying SP Business Suite templates is not the solution, but really is the accelerated start of realizing the productivity from leveraging Office 365 fully.”

    The objective of the services is to provide a phased evolution of the operation to a collaborative cloud environment, and empower the organization to maintain the progression by training key business power users.

    Structured Approach Using Best Practices
    The Service is designed specifically for SMBs and takes into account the reality of limited resources, budgets and skills in that size organization. It is focused on setting up an Internal Services Structure that is centered on an Intranet Portal, Employee Self-Service and Department Portals. It is delivered through a series of services that define a road map and a series of phases which can be implemented at the rate that works for the organization. Those Services Include:
         * Business Transformation Road-map Service
         * Intranet/Employee Self-Service Design and Deployment
         * Service Department(s) Portal Design
         * Customer Management (Sales, Service) Portal Design
         * Existing Forms Conversion to Automation
         * Document and Data Migration Services

    Business Transformation Partners Certification
    SP Marketplace is putting a Partners Certification program in place to expand the reach of its services. SP Marketplace is offering the initial service – Transformation Roadmap as a package with its SP Business Suite for Office 365. A network of partners is being trained to provide the new services around the world. These partners bring a combination of business consulting, Office 365 experience and deep knowledge of SP Business Suite functions to provide a unique solution for SMB transformation success.  “Success in the cloud for SMBs is more than technology” states Jeff Lynch, president of Lynch Interactive. “It starts with the right structure which is designed in the context of your organization. Second it involves education within your organization and support from executive management throughout the process. SP Marketplace has defined a best practice approach which proven.” 

    SP Business Transformation Services are available today with SP Business Suite for Office 365 and SharePoint.

  • SP Marketplace (www.spmarketplace.com), the leader in Office 365 business portals and applications, has released SP Digital Workplace Solutions, a next generation collection of Operational Portals and business applications that transform Office 365 into a unified Digital Workplace for employees to work more effectively.

  • SP Marketplace (www.spmarketplace.com), the leader in Office 365 and SharePoint business portals and applications, has released SP Marketing Portal, a next generation business solution that allows marketing staff to manage the entire marketing department from a single portal. Whether tracking marketing plans, social media, campaigns, collateral, marketing services requests, administrative management, or website changes and SEO, SP Marketing Portal provides a central point for management, collaboration, resources, and services on Office 365 and SharePoint.

  • SP Marketplace (SharePoint Marketplace) the leader in the Office 365 business applications market, announced SP Training Portal, a site template which improves productivity and collaboration for internal training departments. The new application is the latest to join the SP Business Suite offerings for Office 365/SharePoint platforms.

  • Recently someone wrote to us and asked what the difference is between Microsoft SPC and SPTechCon, and given that conference-rate hotel rooms are sold out for SPC, I thought I would share my answer with you.

  • SPServices has been a mainstay of SharePoint client-side development since 2009. Yup, that’s when I first posted the fledgling library on Codeplex. It’s only recently that I’ve realized how important it’s been to people in the SharePoint community. I’ve always known it was getting a lot of use, but I didn’t realize how pervasive that use was.

  • It’s time for the SharePoint Technology Conference (SPTechCon) in Boston again!  You can use the code ROGERS when you register, to get $200 off of the cost.  What’s going on this year? 

    Here’s my schedule for the week:

  • SPTC_Thrive_Header.jpg

    Women Helping Women Thrive: Supporting Other Women at Any Level in Your Career

    BZ Media LLC announced today the first ever Share Your Story Contest for women who are attending SPTechCon 2016 in Austin. The contest is intended to highlight stories of women supporting other women.

  • A splendid time was had by all at the inaugural Austin, TX version of the venerable SharePoint Technology Conference, usually known as SPTechCon. There was a tangibly different energy in the air at this SPTechCon. I’m sure some of that had to do with the new venue, but there seemed to be a bit more to it than that.

    My friends at BZ Media did a wonderful job – as always – with the conference. David Rubinstein, Stacy Burris, Katie Serignese (soon to be Katie Flash!), and the whole team really know what they are doing and it shows.

    In addition to the two session I presented, I was honored to be a part of an “expert panel”, discussing ‘SharePoint at the Crossroads’. I think SharePoint always seems to be at some sort of crossroads, so there’s always a lot to talk about.

    SPTechCon Speaker Panel

  • It's a busy day in the Exhibit Hall at SPTechCon 2014. How busy is it? Check out this video:

  • SPTechCon Boston 2014 Wrap-Up

    SPTechCon Newswire

    See what people are saying about SPTechCon Boston. This year's show was held at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel, and the place was packed with experts, admins, and SharePoint novices.

  • SPTechCon in 2017

    David Rubinstein

    As the weather turns cold and thoughts already turn to the New Year, we're pleased to announce our SPTechCon schedule for 2017.

  • In this special Office 365 focused Lightning Talk by Metalogix at SPTechCon, you can find out what Office 365 and Kit from Knight Rider share in common.

  • Ayman Husain explains the benefits of integrating Amazon Web Services with your SharePoint implementation as well as the developing role of cloud services for business of all sizes. The cost to entry barrier for cloud services gets smaller every day and AWS has a great history of making these products consumer ready and affordable.

  • Stephen More explains how his service makes migration to SharePoint from any legacy platform a possibility.

  • SPTechCon Update

    Michael Pehel
    It's been mentioned time and time again how we can help you get approval, or what to do in the event you are a government employee looking to attend SPTechCon. We've also mentioned ways to save you money or how to get your hands on a free Amazon gift card, but what hasn't been said yet are all the things to do while in San Francisco. This conference will be at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square, which really is a hub for food, culture and activity. Not to mention, we're just a few blocks away from catching a cable car that can bring you to the famous Lombard Street and other fantastic sights and views. So once you've registered and decided which tutorials and classes to attend, take a few moments to research all the fun things you can do in the City by the Bay.
  • As evidenced by SPTechCon’s continual growth, more and more enterprise-level businesses are seeking to make effective use of SharePoint. Many companies that haven’t transitioned to using SharePoint yet often fear doing so for one major reason: data migration.

  • SPTechCon conference chairman David Rubinstein talks to Simeon Cathey and Heather Newman about Content Panda, an in-context help solution announced Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014, at SPTechCon Boston. The solution enables users to get video or written instruction to solve problems as they arise:


  • I have the pleasure of interacting with lots of people who work with SharePoint while delivering my courses and sessions at conferences. One thing consistently comes up when I talk to people: Their organization paid for SharePoint, but they aren't using the publishing features within SharePoint. Ack!

  • As the adoption of SharePoint for file and content sharing (among many things) continues to grow, so too do the challenges of managing data growth, storage infrastructure and application performance. Getting the most out of your resources while ensuring your users can seamlessly access their important data should be a key focus for any successful SharePoint deployment...READ MORE
  • SharePoint i one of those applications that does everything, which leaves many newbies asking themselves "Where do I start?"

  • Since the Future of SharePoint event in San Francisco in early May, there has been much discussion and many tweets regarding the evolution of the Document Library. Document Libraries are at the core of just about everything we do inside of SharePoint: add, share, edit and collaborate around our content. It was time for an update, if you ask me. But what is changing in Office 365 and eventually across SharePoint 2016 on-premises environments is not so much about a new user interface, but about an expected evolution in how we engage with our content and with each other.

  • Search in SharePoint installations is still a pain point for many users. However, what they do not realize is that their ability to find information is not because search is not powerful enough—it is! The information is there; unfortunately, it is presented like the thousands of letters dumped on the judge’s desk in “Miracle on 34th Street”: overwhelming.

    Configuring search is a function for power users, not IT. Much is written about SharePoint 2013 search in terms of architecture and infrastructure configuration, and that information typically targets the IT department, where search is implemented. But search is a tool for the business user to configure and provide upkeep. The best analogy I have heard in this regard is from Jeff Fried of BA Insight: Search is like gardening. It takes constant attention and pruning.

  • In the past I have written many articles about the strategy side of SharePoint; I am a huge proponent of ensuring that organizations set a strategy that aligns to a road map that can be supported by your organization. While I evangelize and speak to that fact, I also understand that this is largely seen as the yellow brick road to something unrealistic or intangible for many organizations. In a conference session, the people thinking the latter are those that look at me with a simple smile or a shake of their head, wondering if their organizations can ever agree to a direction or path, or a paradigm change from one version to the next.

  • Studying hybrid SharePoint

    David Rubinstein

    As Microsoft continues to push Office 365 and SharePoint Online as the future of workplace collaboration, some companies remain firmly entrenched on-premises, while others face daunting technical challenges in a move to the cloud.

  • Summing up SPTechCon

    David Rubinstein

    With almost 900 people on hand, and more than 50 exhibitors in our hall, SPTechCon Boston was another exciting event!

  • Earlier this month, an article in SPTechReport noted that a survey was being done to assess where people are in terms of working on-premises, in the cloud, or both.

  • Deployment planning: seemingly one of the more intimidating things about Office 365. Moving the cheese. Transforming the way people work. It's exciting! And yet terrifying. On one hand, as the leader of an organization, you hold a responsibility to point the company in the direction of the most efficient way to work. On the other, you are strapped with finding the most fiscally responsible approach.

  • SharePoint began as a portal solution that enabled collaboration within organizations. Now, 15 years later, SharePoint is a portal and collaboration solution infused with intelligence.

  • The Notion that Teams Will Replace Email

    Given its progress since its launch in November 2016 and Microsoft's focus on Teams as the "hubwork for teamwork within Office 365,? Teams should be of interest to any Office 365 tenant. However, the idea voiced by some commentators that Teams will replace email is more debatable. Because so many variables exist, this is a tricky question, including personal preference, the desktop environment, organizational culture, and even the age of a user.

  • This year at SPTechCon, Benjamin Niaulin will be leading a session on search driven content. While the content of Benjamin’s address will be informative and full of good information, he will be sure to keep his presentation fun, interesting, and simple, much like his company. Benjamin, who is “The MVP” and the “SharePoint Geek” and Sharegate, a SharePoint migration and governance provider, works with his coworkers to deliver a system that is, in their words, “just damn simple.”

    The philosophy behind Sharegate developed from a frustration with the immense complexities involved in migrating SharePoint data to updated systems. In their minds, this should be a simple process, and they set out to create a system that could do just that. With Sharegate, the power of migration is in the hands of the power users, even if that individual isn’t an IT professional or coding expert.

  • Doug Geller, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management for VirtualWorks, loves content management. In fact, his professional focus has always been related to the range of technologies between content management and indexing/searching. Before VirtualWorks, Doug developed and worked on ECM solutions for the legal community, gaining expertise in content management that he now uses to improve systems and create new solutions with the VirtualWorks team.

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