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  • This morning, I started up my laptop and logged in to the different Web applications I work with. I think the only desktop application I still use is my music subscription service. I accessed my Outlook from the browser, and the UI for e-mails had changed. Arguably the most important application in the world had changed, and I did not know about it before it appeared on my desktop.

  • SharePoint 2013 has a myriad of new features, bells and whistles. One of those neat features is the new and improved SharePoint 2013 Workflow. SharePoint 2013 Workflow allows for many new capabilities, but at the same time removes some key items from 2010 workflows. So what’s the right workflow to use? The consultant in me must reply, "That depends on the situation."…READ MORE
  • Long before the cloud became a pervasive part of enterprise computing, SharePoint developers had a fairly straightforward set of options for extending out-of-the box functionality ? full trust or sandbox, web parts or application pages, event receivers or timer jobs, web services or server-side API's. There wasn't much confusion regarding the structure or composition of projects and the deployment path was determined by the solution type. In many ways it was simplified (if not actually simple) and streamlined, with a well-defined path for application architects to follow.

  • One of the greatest strengths of the Microsoft collaboration platform, which now encompasses both SharePoint on-premises and Office 365 in the cloud, has always been its rich extensibility options. Customers who wish to enhance the platform with dynamic line-of-business solutions or organization-specific customizations have a rich set of APIs and remote interfaces to work with that provide a great deal of flexibility in designing engaging, user-centric applications. With the recent addition of Azure Web Applications, Microsoft has created yet another method for extending the cloud experience, presenting developers with a new set of application design choices.

  • Twenty years ago, collaboration was considered to be a discussion with a colleague or a group review of a document. In recent years our collaborative needs have changed, expediency is demanded, and collaboration through technology is expected. Without question, day in and day out, we all demand our technologies provide us the best experience in order to collaborate among friends, family and colleagues.

  • As we are on the cusp of the full launch of a new version of SharePoint, I thought I’d share a few observations. Recently, as I’ve been out and about in the community, there have been a few consistent themes I have been hearing (still). These aren’t new, nor do I expect they will go away. The folks at Microsoft and most serious SharePointilists wish they never heard this stuff, but it’s real.

  • Colligo yesterday announced two new cross-platform applications and an update to its Engage platform to enable better data synchronization and content management for SharePoint and Exchange.

  • Office 365 brings a continually increasing toolset of productivity tools that, although they are supposed to work together, often have to be combined using unique strategies to truly make Office 365 shine within an organization. For Office 365 to be a success, Office 365 must be a productivity tool that can be used to add value to existing business requirements and processes while ideally not changing the way end users work. Some disruption is inevitable, but realistically an organization can only change so much with any given tool. With so many possibilities and limited time, I find it helps to investigate how Microsoft utilizes Office 365 internally to see what I can glean.

  • A new community resource for SharePoint client-side rendering has been announced.

    The SharePoint community project is being called #SPCSR. The idea came out of social media when Paul Hunt (a SharePoint solutions architect for Trinity Expert Systems) tweeted a picture of him working on his suitcase in a train waiting room. Marc D Anderson quickly responded to the tweet stating, “We should start a Codeplex project with awesome Display Template examples (which everyone will use as is). Game?” And the idea of #SPCSR took off from there. READ MORE
  • As part of Microsoft 365, SharePoint and OneDrive connect the workplace with intelligent content management and intranets. Digital transformation is driving growth across Microsoft 365, SharePoint and OneDrive.  Today:

  • Panda Works Inc., a startup formed by a trio of SharePoint veterans to create robust SaaS solutions for the enterprise with a focus on the Microsoft stack announced today the availability of its featured solution, Content Panda, a free in-context help and training platform for Office 365 and SharePoint.

  • From the halls of Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) 2016, Content Panda, the online user experience expert, today announced enhancements to its flagship product, Content Panda for SharePoint, and the immediate availability of its newest product, Content Panda for Custom Apps. Both products deliver meaningful experiences for members of the Microsoft technology and partner communities to drive business value.

  • 0610.sp-bamboo

    SharePoint collaboration software provider Bamboo Solutions has announced that Workflow Conductor R4.0 is available for SharePoint 2013. Workflow Conductor is the company’s solution to creating, managing and reusing custom business processes without having to do custom coding.

  • Beezy, the preferred enterprise social collaboration solution for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013, announced today the availability of Beezy for Office 365, with support for migration from Beezy on-premises to the cloud, and from competitive social platforms Jive and IBM Connections to Office 365. Beezy is the only social tool provider built on SharePoint that supports social collaboration on-prem, in the cloud, and in hybrid SharePoint deployments. Additionally, Beezy is the only solution providing migration options between platforms.

  • Beezy Inc., the premier enterprise collaboration solution for Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365, is pleased to announce the publication of a new case study highlighting the company's integration with the Microsoft Graph as part of Microsoft's betterwith.office.com website. The Microsoft Graph uses machine-learning to identify connections between user profiles, social network activity, content, and other data sources and hen provides relevant, timely, and contextual data for the end user based on those connections. The case study highlights the innovative ways that Beezy leverages the Microsoft Graph to better surface content, conversations, and connections within SharePoint, turning the collective intelligence captured by the platform into timely and relevant organizational knowledge. The end result is a more contextual and intuitive platform, with productive and engaged end users.

  • Beezy Inc., the premier enterprise collaboration solution for SharePoint and Office 365, has announced the availability of new capabilities through integration with Microsoft's Office Graph. The Office Graph uses machine-learning to identify connections between user profiles, social network activity, content, and other data sources and hen provides relevant, timely, and contextual data for the end user based on those connections. The latest innovations from Beezy leverage the Office Graph to provide a faster and more personalized experience within the Beezy collaboration solution for SharePoint and Office 365.

  • Beezy Inc., the most comprehensive enterprise collaboration solution for Office 365 and SharePoint, today announced the general availability of the first seamless integration between Yammer and the award-winning Beezy enterprise collaboration solution. Using Beezy, community activity within Yammer is now visible and interactive in SharePoint, and likewise, all social activity in SharePoint can be visible within the Yammer newsfeed, allowing organizations to leverage their social investments across both Yammer and SharePoint.

  • Beezy Inc., the premier enterprise social collaboration solution for SharePoint, announced today the general availability of the latest release of its award-winning solution for Office 365, which is also available for SharePoint on-premises. Beezy Version 3 provides enhanced collaboration capabilities across the latest versions of the industry-leading Microsoft intranet and extranet platform, providing a superior user experience and leveraging all of the communication and collaboration capabilities within Office 365 and the Office suite.

    “We are able to match the robust social collaboration found in competing platforms, and we do it within the Office 365 platform. We are the only vendor within the Microsoft partner ecosystem that can match these competitors feature-by-feature, but we raise the bar beyond what they provide with an amazing user experience. There’s nothing else like it on the market today.” Commented Maximo Castagno, Product Lead for Beezy.

    Beezy is the first company to provide migration tools from competitive platforms, such as Jive, IBM Connections, Sitrion (formerly NewsGator). Supporting on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments with a seamless UX, Beezy improves adoption and engagement, and gives customers the flexibility to move to the cloud at their own speed.

    “As we heard from Microsoft CVP Jeff Teper in this morning’s [European SharePoint Conference] keynote, Microsoft is continuing to make investments in the SharePoint platform, and because of that there is a renewed interest in building out a unified collaboration and digital workplace within most organizations. Beezy makes this a much more seamless experience for customers, enhancing and extending the platform that Microsoft provides with additional collaboration capabilities beyond what SharePoint can provide. The end result is that users are more productive, collaborative, and happy.” said Jordi Plana, Beezy’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

  • SPTechCon 2015 wrapped up a month ago, and those of us who were there are still processing the insights we had at the live event in Boston.

  • Scott Edwards and Ben Curry were chosen to present during five different sessions alongside 27 other industry leaders at SPTechCon (Nov 12-15) in Washington D.C. 

  • The pressure is high on all businesses to archive data for audit and regulation purposes. Data includes email, wherever it's hosted. So, if you're among the hundreds of thousands of companies around the world that have chosen to use Office 365 for their email, you must make sure you have a reliable archive of all mailboxes.

  • unnamed


    When a company begins looking into third-party business applications to integrate within their SharePoint environments, what should they look for? How can such companies best prepare themselves for the future of their company while also meeting their business’s present needs and challenges?

  • More and more offices are going green. The eco-friendly benefits that a paperless office provides is great, but that is a discussion for another post. In this article, let us discuss how effective and productive your office can get by going paperless. Also, we will discuss how SharePoint helps offices to go truly digital ? completely paperless ? by automating all your content management jobs in no time.

  • One of the most powerful features in SharePoint is metadata. If you've ever attended a SharePoint conference or gone through expert-led SharePoint training, you've probably heard this term come up a number of times, though it's likely you walked away confused or wondering exactly how you apply this super tool in an everyday way that would make your life easier.

  • I have seen a bit of resistance in moving to SharePoint Online (SPO) because of a perceived lack of branding tools and the belief that you cannot brand a SPO site to the same degree as an on premise installation. Are these fears warranted, or is SPO ready for your customizations? The short answer is "yes, it’s ready," while the long answer is the seemingly standard, "it depends."

    SPO sites can be broken up into two primary categories. Depending on your particular O365 plan, you can create one public facing site per organization and multiple private sites, such as collaboration sites or sites with the publishing infrastructure enabled, for Intranet and Extranet portals. Most importantly for branding, public facing and security controlled SPO sites have all of the branding tools you will find in an on premise installation. These include the design manager, custom master pages, page layouts, display templates, composed looks, access to the theming engine, SharePoint Designer, and more. Thus, the short answer of “yes;" you can create an entirely custom SPO user interface that is branded to match your organization.

  • The phrase “a brave new world” is overused in today’s hyperbolic world as a hackneyed way to describe something that seems headed down an uncharted path.

    In the particular case of Microsoft, however, I can think of nothing more appropriate. There are a couple of reasons I say this.

  • Two weeks ago at Microsoft’s Ignite conference, we got one of our first looks a potential new shift on how we may customize SharePoint Online to create our own completely custom portals. The answer? NextGen Portals for Office 365. In a few sessions on NextGen portals, Daniel Kogan and Jeremy Kelley, both SharePoint Product Managers within Microsoft, gave a session called “Behind the Scenes: Engineering NextGen Portals,” which may be viewed now at Channel 9. This talk explored a customization paradigm shift, and it certainly appears to be the answer to Microsoft’s warning of changing master pages in Office 365.

  • When Microsoft announced Office 365 Video at the last SharePoint conference, many folks were impressed by the demos, both in the keynote as well as the breakout sessions. At the time, it was not available for customer tenants, and the news faded into the mix of other announcements made at the conference.

  • A new crop of MVPs

    David Rubinstein

    It’s July, when most people’s thoughts turn to how nice it would be to be outside on a beautiful summer’s day instead of being chained to a desk in an office that’s either way too hot or way too cold.

  • A new flavor of SharePoint

    David Rubinstein

    As I wrote in last week’s newsletter, there was a kerfuffle in the SharePoint community over the new look of SharePoint Online document libraries. Part of the problem is with the way Microsoft announced the change—via a post in its Message Center.

  • The popularity of the term “knowledge worker” comes and goes, but the single most important characteristic is the ability to find information, process it into knowledge, and add value for the organization.  Over 400 members of the AIIM community were surveyed on this topic, and 75% of them agree that information is easier to find outside of their organizations than within, while 25% have no advanced or dedicated search tools. 

    Learn more in this research report, which takes an in-depth look at the importance of search, the level of search tools deployed, issues with their use, and connection to other systems.

  • Akumina Inc., whose technology platform is often referred to as "the CMS for Office 365? as well as the only developer framework designed specifically to connect Office 365 and SharePoint to any other business system of record, has announced a partnership with Tech Data Corporation. Akumina will make its Office 365 content, collaboration and developer solutions available through Tech Data's TDCloud business unit and the StreamOne cloud marketplace.

  • Akumina Inc., whose InterChange software platform dramatically increases the productivity of internal business users and empowers developers to deliver a more intuitive way of driving the adoption of cloud technology, today announced the release of Version 3.0 of the InterChange Platform. This release includes important new enhancements to the platform which make InterChange the only development platform that can be used to create applications that leverage enterprise content, managed in Office365 or SharePoint on premises, for multichannel web and mobile delivery.

  • Akumina today announced the availability of Interchange 2.5, its platform for providing better user experiences with SharePoint, with improved content authoring, site-management and workflow capabilities.

  • At our SPTechCon events, attendees can’t get enough good information and instruction regarding the CSWP: Content Search Web Part. This, in short, enables the display of search results in ways that you want it presented through the use of templates. But that doesn’t even really scratch the surface on how it can be used.

  • Office 365 provides the best cloud productivity experience by giving businesses new ways to help their people to collaborate, gain valuable business insights and ultimately get things done.  As a cloud based service customers can move to Office 365 faster than a traditional on-premises solution and Microsoft is focused on making that transition to the cloud as fast and seamless as possible.

    Continuous improvement of the Office 365 deployment experience

    Last year as part of that commitment, Microsoft introduced FastTrack which encompasses its onboarding methodology, tools, and process to streamline deployments.  FastTrack has helped thousands of customers, together with their partners, move to Office 365.  While feedback has been very positive, Microsoft is continuing to identify best practices and it believes that providing support directly from the Office 365 Service team during the critical phases of on-boarding can shorten the time for deployment. The result is the Office 365 FastTrack Onboarding Center.

    Announcing the Office 365 FastTrack Onboarding Center

    The Office 365 FastTrack Onboarding Center delivers a quick and predictable way to get started and deployed in your organization. The Onboarding Center is available to customers and their preferred partners.  This new benefit is included at no charge to all new customers purchasing 150 seats or more of a qualified license purchase. The Microsoft Office 365 Onboarding Center, included as part of the service, will support the provisioning and configuration of Office 365 workloads including Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, Office 365 Pro Plus, and Yammer.  Microsoft will ensure that the Office 365 service is provisioned and ready for use in your organization.

    Key features of the Office 365 FastTrack Onboarding Center:

    • Direct remote assistance provided by an Office 365 onboarding expert who will assist with critical onboarding activities working with customers and partners.
    • Robust suite of automated checks and configuration tools to enable tasks such as current state assessment, identity management, and domain configuration.
    • Onboarding support will be available in the following languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian, Portuguese, and Spanish.
    • Available worldwide starting September 1, 2014.

    Once your organization is on-boarded, you will want to get your users up and running as quickly as possible.  Depending on the Office 365 workload, additional activities may be required such as email or document migration.  In order to help customers through this phase Microsoft has created the Office 365 Adoption Offer.

    Announcing the Office 365 adoption offer, for a limited time

    From September 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015 this offer is available for all new Office 365 customers that buy at least 150 qualifying Office 365 SKUs during the offer time period. Through this offer, customers may opt for one of the following benefits:

    Adoption activitiesdelivered by your preferred Office 365 Cloud Deployment Partner or Cloud Productivity Competency partner.

    Microsoft will provide a limited set of funds for your preferred partner to assist you with driving adoption of Office 365 in your organization.  You may use these funds to have your partner deliver a variety of adoption activities in order to get your users up and running.

    For Office 365 Adoption Offer eligibility details terms, and conditions please see Office 365 Adoption Offer.

    Email Migration offerdelivered remotely by Microsoft.

    Microsoft will work with you to remotely migrate all of your purchased mailboxes from the following source environments:

    • Exchange Server 2003 or above
    • Lotus Domino 7.0.3 or above
    • Google Gmail
    • IMAP accessible environments

    The email migration offer is available to customers and partners as part of the adoption offer.  Microsoft delivers the migration service staffed by experts that will work with you to ensure that you get your users mail migrated over seamlessly.  For Email migration offer details terms, and conditions please see Email Migration offer.

    Ensuring that customers realize the value of Office 365 in their organizations quickly while providing a smooth onboarding experience to their users is a top priority for the Office 365 team.  Microsoft is excited to make the Office 365 FastTrack Onboarding Center and the Office 365 Adoption Offer available to qualified new customers starting today.  For more details see Office 365 Deployment Center.

  • The product group released the April 2015 Cumulative Update for the SharePoint 2013 product family.

  • Apttus, the category-defining Quote-to-Cash solution provider, announced today the formal launch of its X-Author for Excel Partner Program. The program will provide participating organizations of all size and industry-type with the support and service required to sell the Apttus X-Author for Excel solution directly to their own customers. This functionality will not only open additional streams of revenue for Apttus partners, but also diversify the overall business needs they can address. In addition to these tangible business enhancements, participants will significantly increase Salesforce user adoption and usage throughout their customer base, contributing to an overall increase in efficiency and effectiveness of their own solutions.

    X-Author for Excel transforms Microsoft Excel from a standalone desktop tool into a native UI for Salesforce and is applicable across all industry verticals and functions. For business tasks such as mass data manipulation and financial modeling, many users are accustomed to the multi-row, multi-tasking experience provided by Excel, often eschewing the utility and innovation of the Salesforce platform. Implementation of X-Author for Excel integrates the data, controls, permissions, and routing of Salesforce with the familiar user experience of Excel. With X-Author for Excel, data manipulation can be completed in one percent of the time that it would take in the traditional browser UI. X-Author technology is also transforming data migration, moving data between orgs 80 percent faster than comparable tools.

  • When SharePoint 2016 becomes available to the public in Q1 2016, there will be five versions in use by organizations around the world. That’s a lot of collaboration! When I think about all the questions I have been asked about SharePoint over the years, I realize that many of them are the same. They’re primarily about how to USE a functional piece of the system, how to create a workflow, or how to maximize a specific efficiency within an organization. Seldom am I asked a generic question, such as how or when to upgrade from one version to the next.

  • Ask the SharePoint Experts

    SPTechCon Newswire

    What's the future of SharePoint in 2016? Why are we calling them add-ins now? Get the answers to your hardest SharePoint and Office 365 from a panel of our top of the line SPTechCon speakers hosted by Andrew Connel.

  • AvePoint, the established leader in enabling enterprise collaboration across platforms and devices, today announced the general availability of DocAve 6 Service Pack (SP) 6. With this release, organizations can provide their business users with the tools to work more efficiently in Microsoft SharePoint better support users moving to Office 365.

  • AvePoint, the established leader in enabling enterprise collaboration across platforms and devices, today announced the general availability of DocAve Governance Automation Service Pack (SP) 6. With this release, IT can involve content owners in SharePoint migrations, provide users with important site information across hybrid environments, and better integrate with existing business processes through the use of third-party workflows.

    With DocAve Governance Automation, organizations can provide end users with a business-centric, role-based service catalog for provisioning, restructuring, moving, or migrating content across SharePoint versions, sites, and deployments. DocAve Governance Automation easily manages lifecycle and permissions management requests, and transcends the capabilities of rigid provisioning and security management solutions. New features for DocAve Governance Automation SP 6 include:

  • AvePoint, the Microsoft Cloud expert, today announced the general availability of DocAve Governance Automation Service Pack (SP) 9. With the latest release of AvePoint's SharePoint governance solution, organizations can empower end users with the ability to make the correct decisions and requests based on governance policies and remove some of the burden from IT administrators.DocAve Governance Automation allows organizations to easily manage and automate SharePoint lifecycle and permissions management requests to implement an extensible governance strategy that empowers users, is easy to maintain, and scales as the business grows. New features include:

  • AvePoint, the established leader in enabling enterprise collaboration across platforms and devices, today announced the general availability of three new apps – AvePoint Watermark, AvePoint MyWorld, and AvePoint PDF Aggregator – for Office 365 and SharePoint Online. With the addition of these apps, workers can better streamline everyday business operations and take advantage of the latest Microsoft technologies to enhance business insights.

    Through the use of familiar tools such as PDFs and integration with Microsoft’s innovative Office Graph, AvePoint’s latest apps allow end-users to better protect confidential documents as well as be more productive by surfacing relevant information and simplifying everyday business processes. The apps include:

  • AvePoint, the established leader in enabling enterprise collaboration across platforms and devices, today announced the general availability of AvePoint Office Connect Service Pack (SP) 2. With the release of AvePoint Office Connect, organizations can ensure sustainable SharePoint adoption across all environments – including cloud, hybrid, and on-premises – and simplify collaboration without requiring end users to change the way they work.

  • AvePoint, the established leader in enabling enterprise collaboration across platforms and devices, today announced a new enhancement to DocAve Policy Enforcer with the integration of the new Microsoft Office 365 Management Activity API. This integration creates a new information stream that allows customers to fully audit and take action on all events that take place throughout their Office 365 environments.
  • AvePoint, the established leader in enabling enterprise collaboration across platforms and devices, today announced the general availability of AvePoint Perimeter Service Pack (SP) 4. AvePoint Perimeter extends the collaboration power of on-premises SharePoint beyond the walls of the organization, increasing user productivity by allowing them to work with anyone from a single content repository – all while maintaining security over the content with robust administrator options. 

  • AvePoint last week released an update to its DocAve administration suite for SharePoint, OneDrive and Office 365 with support for all SharePoint versions, including SharePoint 2016.

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