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SPTechCon Press Pass Policy

SPTechCon Press Pass Policy

SPTechCon welcomes qualified members of the press and technology analyst community to its events.

We offer press passes to qualified professional journalists and analysts as a service to the industry and consumers, to add value for exhibitors and sponsors, and to help promote the event. Press passes at SPTechCon events provide access to:

  • Technical classes and tutorials
  • Keynote Addresses
  • General Sessions
  • Exhibit Hall
  • Receptions and Parties
  • Panel Discussions
  • Lightning Talks
  • Special Functions
  • Event Meals (when provided to paid attendees)


If you have questions about press passes, please contact Jon Everett.
(678) 381-8494

Press Pass Revocation

Individuals who attend an SPTechCon event with a press pass, but then attempt to market products or services to event attendees or exhibitors, will be asked to surrender their event badge and leave the event, and will be barred from attending future SPTechCon events as press.


SPTechCon reserves the right to close some portions of an event to the press, without notice.

In exchange for providing you a free full-event passport, we ask that you share your blog, video, article, writeup, recap, review or coverage of the event you attend. You have two weeks after the conclusion of the event to send your piece to Jon Everett at If you are applying for a foreign publication, an English version of the piece must be provided. You can also apply for more than one pass per publication as long as both individuals provide pieces of their coverage. In turn, we will cross-promote your piece on our social media accounts, emails when applicable, and the news section on our events' sites. If you do not wish or plan on participating in this new policy, please do not apply for a press pass.

Press-pass recipients are not eligible to enter or win prizes in any event drawings. By registering as press for a SPTechCon event, you are giving us permission to share your contact information with the event sponsors and exhibitors, as well as to their PR agencies. Sponsors and exhibitors may contact you before, during or after the event as part of their own media-relations outreach.

Some, but not all, SPTechCon events have facilities for the working press, such as a press room. For details, please contact the conference organizers.

SPTechCon, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to offer or restrict press passes on a case-by-case basis.

Press Pass Requirements

Press passes are offered to professional journalists and analysts affiliated with recognized and relevant media outlets or technology analyst firms.

To request a press pass, please contact Jon Everett at Pre-registration is strongly encouraged; there may be a delay in issuing a press pass onsite.

Be prepared to present the following upon request:

Professional journalists and editors, employed by media organizations:

At least two recent and substantive bylined articles in relevant media-company publications, websites or blogs. The articles must clearly display authorship.

Freelance journalists:

Documentation of a specific assignment to cover the event for a relevant media-company publication, website or blog. The documentation must include the assigning editor's contact information.

Professional technology analysts:

An appropriate title showing employment by a recognized and relevant technology analyst firm.

Who Doesn't Qualify?

Free press passes will not be given to: Public relations professionals, marketing professionals, advertising professionals, sales professionals, IT professionals, financial/investment analysts, venture capitalists, writers for user-group/community newsletters or blogs, writers for vendor or in-house publications, bloggers for personal or vendor websites, book authors and editors, technology consultants and freelance analysts.

Media company executives do not qualify for press passes, unless they are also bona fide professional working journalists, as described above.

If you do not qualify for a press pass, you may register as a paid conference attendee. Registering as a paid attendee also gives you access to the conference's workshops and technical classes.

For more information, please contact Jon Everett at


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