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SPTechCon will again feature Half Day and Full Day Tutorials to kick off the event. The Tutorials will be held on Sunday, August 25th and are included in the Full Conference Pass.  A snapshot of the tutorials are below - full details can be found in the Interactive Conference Program.

Full Day Tutorials  

A Power Users Guide to building Productivity Solutions in Office 365

Jennifer Mason

Level: Beginner

Audience: Administrators & Power Users, Managers 

Focus: SharePoint Online and Office 365

Topics: Out-of-the-Box

Office 365 changes the way your organization works by enabling individuals and teams to be more productive. We know that this change can have an impact on both you and your entire organization.  It is important to understand the basics before you jump in.  In this workshop the basics will be covered, along with common practices for collaboration within teams, business process automation and intranets.  We will dive into:•        Using Group and Teams to Stay Connected

•        Collaborating on Documents

•        Searching for Content & People

•        Automating Solutions & Designing Forms with Power Apps and Flow

When you walk away from this session, you will be confident that whatever requirements the business throws at you, you will be able to create a solution using the tools and best practices that you learned during this workshop.  

Modern Application Development with Office, SharePoint and Azure

Eric A. Shupps

Level: Beginner

Audience: Developers

Focus: SharePoint Online and Office 365

Topics:  Office Development

Progress can sometimes be difficult. Unlike times past, when developers had limited options for building Office and SharePoint solutions, the current landscape offers a confusing array of options for building on-premises, cloud and hybrid solutions. From SharePoint add-ins to Azure web applications, there is a lot to know about how, when, where and why to use each development model. In this full day interactive workshop, we will explore each option, discuss the pros and cons, determine the optimal conditions for each, and see them in action with a series of deep-dive demonstrations. You will learn the pre-requisites for building modern Office and SharePoint applications, gain exposure to the tools and platforms, walk through detailed use cases and equip yourself with the knowledge of not only how to create apps and add-ins but also which to use in each situation.

PowerApps Jumpstart

Todd Klindt & Shane Young

Level: Intermediate

Audience: Administrators & Power Users, IT Pros, Managers 

Focus: Office 365

Topics: Forms/Workflow/Flow/PowerApps

2018 is the year of PowerApps. Are you ready?

If you are still not sure about those PowerApps things, then come to this workshop. Microsoft MVPs Shane Young and Todd Klindt will help empower you so you are ready to return to the office and change the world one PowerApps app at a time.

Do you fret that this session will be death by PowerPoint? These guys hate it as much as you do.  Instead, this session will be a day of live demos that will show you how to build PowerApps and at times will probably go hilariously sideways from time to time. 

Topics to include:

• Building your first PowerApps app with the wizard to get your feet wet

• Understanding the SharePoint data connection including the hard subject so The LookUp column 

• Customizing the form vs. building an app• Understanding the Excel data connection.

• Connecting to on-prem SharePoint and SQL data with the data gateway• Overview of Delegation, that blue warning icon, and how to plan for it

• Overview of the various controls and functions. Lots of little tips here to make your life easier.

• Building your first real app. Starting from blank and piecing things together. Logging and troubleshooting. Documentation and settings screens. Sharing it with your org

• Answer your questions throughout the day.

Should be a fun filled, casual day where we just explore PowerApps together so you can put this amazing tool to work in your business.

Half Day Tutorials

4 Keys to Avoid the Slippery Slope of Content Migration

Jill Hannemann & Adam Levithan

Level: Intermediate

Audience: Administrators & Power Users, IT Pros, Managers

Focus: SharePoint Online and Office 365

Topics: Migration

The migration landscape has changed greatly over the last 5 years.

At first, we focused on SharePoint On-Premises, then added SharePoint Online as an alternative. Now, we need to consider file shares, personal files, cloud solutions and other content management systems as sources. However, no matter what the source or destination we’ve seen a consistent theme - organizations underestimate the complexity and level of effort required for a successful, smooth migration.

Whether you are planning to complete your own migration, or engaging a vendor to assist, this workshop will discuss 4 keys to avoid the slippery slope in SharePoint to SharePoint and overall content migrations.

Jill Hannemann & Adam Levithan will guide the workshop through:

· Defining Your Migration Scope

· Planning and Budgeting Migrations

· Creating Buy-In within your Organization

· Optimizing Your Migration Effort 

A Beginner’s Guide to Client Side Development in SharePoint 

Mark Rackley

Level: Beginner

Audience: Developers

Focus: On - Premises 2013/16/19

Client Side development has evolved from a SharePoint Dark Art in SharePoint 2007 to an essential skill developers need to get the most out of their sites and applications in SharePoint. Now, using a little bit of JavaScript and tools like jQuery, developers can create stunning, functional sites that they are proud of.

In this workshop, attendees will be introduced to client side development in SharePoint learn essential skills that they can begin to use immediately.

Attendees will learn:

• The pros and cons of client side development and how to get started.

• How to effectively interact with SharePoint using JavaScript to build powerful applications.

• What is jQuery and how to use it effectively.

• Debugging techniques that will stop you from wanting to pull your hair out.

• How to modify SharePoint’s default classic forms quickly and easily.

Microsoft Flow for SharePoint Quick Start

Scott Shearer

Level: Beginner

Audience: Administrators & Power Users

Focus: SharePoint Online and Office 365

Topics: Forms/Workflow/Flow/PowerApps

Microsoft Flow is the successor to SharePoint Designer Workflows.  While Flow is not just a SharePoint tool, this session will focus on using Flow with SharePoint.  We’ll start by creating Flows from templates.  Then we’ll move into creating Flows from scratch.  We’ll explore how to do many of the operations you now perform with Designer Workflows with Flow. 

In addition, you’ll see how to use Flow to do many tasks you could never do with Designer Workflows. 

We’ll cover Flow approvals and how to escalate an approval.  If you are new to creating Flows, this session will give you the tools you need to start creating time saving Flows immediately.

Half Day Tutorials Continued ...

Creating an Office 365 Security Strategy

Ben Curry

Level: Beginner

Audience: Administrators & Power Users, Developers, IT Pros, Managers 

Focus: SharePoint Online and Office 365

Topics: Security & Compliance

There are so many different features, software, and security controls in Office 365 that it can be overwhelming to begin building a security approach. This tutorial will guide you through the process of first understanding the options available, then sorting those in a logical order so that creating a security plan will be (mostly) painless.

This tutorial will walk you through planning for the major security areas such as:

  • Data Governance
  • Tenant Security
  • eDiscovery and classification 
  • Azure Information Protection
  • Azure AD security options
  • Conditional Access and Multi-factor Authentication
  • OneDrive for Business Governance
  • Security

A Deeper Dive into Client Side Development in SharePoint 

Mark Rackley

Level: Intermediate

Audience: Developers

Focus: On - Premises 2013/16/19

Now that you’ve attended my morning workshop and understand the basics of client side development in SharePoint, we’ll dive deeper and see what kind of real word examples we can create.

In this demo packed ½ day workshop your brain will be exploding with ideas on how to take your applications to the next level using client side development!

In this workshop users will learn:

• How to use Third Party Libraries to take the SharePoint applications to the next level• How to use REST, CSOM, and SPServices to interact with SharePoint list data and create business logic

• How to step-by-step create a functional, usable time tracking application

Rapid Application Development with no code / low code on-prem SharePoint

Mack Sigman

Level: Beginner

Audience: Administrators & Power Users, Developers, IT Pros

Focus: On - Premises 2013/16/19

Topics: Office Development

In this session we will look at how to build and deploy custom applications and solutions with no code or low code that you can use either on-premises or as a provider hosted application for use with Office 365.

We will look at the two industry-leading tools for building these applications in delivering rapid value to your customer.

This session is geared for business analysts and power users, but some development experience is always helpful, but not needed.

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