Infragistics launches Android version of SharePlus business collaboration solution

Friday, December 22, 2017

Infragistics launches Android version of SharePlus business collaboration solution

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Infragistics, a worldwide leader in user interface toolsets and enterprise mobility, today announced the availability of its mobile SharePoint solution for Android devices: SharePlus for Android. It also announced the update of SharePlus for iOS, releasing Version 4.1.

"In response to market demand, we are extending the anytime, anywhere productivity and outstanding user experience of SharePlus to the growing numbers of Android users, as well as expanding the product for those who use Apple devices,? said Dean Guida, president and CEO of Infragistics.

"SharePlus for Android supports the shift among enterprises to cost-saving Android deployments. In addition, the new multi-platform availability of SharePlus makes it easy for enterprises to embrace BYOD policies.?    

Indicating rising Android adoption, Android device activations increased five percentage points to 32 percent of total activations in the second quarter of 2014, from the first quarter, while iOS activations decreased the same amount and represented 67 percent of activations, according to the Good Technology Mobility Index report for Q2 2014.

SharePlus is a native application that allows users to access SharePoint data from their mobile devices. It simplifies and enhances mobile collaboration, enabling users to access and edit SharePoint data with or without connectivity, and securely share that data with their colleagues via iPhones, iPads and, now, Android devices.

Reflecting Infragistics' mobile first approach, SharePlus is designed specifically for mobile devices. For users, this means a touch-friendly experience with familiar interfaces, without the common drawbacks one might experience with other desktop applications that have been adapted for smartphones and tablets.

Features of SharePlus for Android include:

  • An engaging mobile SharePoint experience with a familiar SharePlus interface
  • Seamless integration with external editors and background content synchronization to keep everything up-to-date
  • Mobile productivity features that give users SharePoint functionality with or without connectivity

And for those using Apple devices, the newly released SharePlus 4.1 for iOS introduces such features as:

  • An in-app product tour
  • PDF searching capabilities
  • Support for the latest iOS releases

SharePlus for Android is available on the Google Play Store and SharePlus 4.1 for iOS is available on the App Store for customer evaluation. For more information and Enterprise version details, visit

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