Less than a quarter of SharePoint users completely online

Less than a quarter of SharePoint users completely online

David Rubinstein

The results are in from the CollabTalk/BYU Marriott School of Business survey on hybrid SharePoint, and a few numbers jump out as being somewhat startling.

The first is that despite the massive effort by Microsoft to move organizations to the cloud, only 22 percent responded they are completely online. Meanwhile, 32 percent said they use a hybrid solution ? meaning more than half of users have a least one foot in the cloud ? and 46 percent are completely on-premises.

In the report, Chris Regan, managing partner at B&R Business Solutions, said: "I am surprised that less than one quarter of all users are completely online. With the push by not only Microsoft but Microsoft partners to move organizations completely to the cloud over the last several years, I would have anticipated this number to be at least one-third, if not higher. These figures are a reminder that on-premises is far from dead, and there is a still a lot that needs to be done to drive cloud adoption.?

The study also showed that newer, smaller companies are more likely to have a completely cloud-based SharePoint environment ? like due to cost and a lack of legacy data and infrastructure ? while older, more mature organizations are more likely to be completely on-premises or in a hybrid scenario.

A couple of other points of interest in the study reveal that organizations are slow to adopt the newer versions of SharePoint, and what their future strategy is. It shows that 1 percent of respondents are still on SharePoint Server 2003, 8 percent are on MOSS 2007, 28 percent are on the 2010 version and 49 percent are on the 2013 version. Only 13 percent of respondents are using SharePoint Server 2016.

Of those on 2013, nearly 43 percent of respondents reported that their strategy is to remain on-premises, while the remainder (28.57 percent) are split between using a hybrid solution and going fully online. In contrast, of those on SharePoint Server 2016, more than 70 percent say they will be on a hybrid solution, about 15.5 percent will be fully online and only a drop more than 14 percent say that they will remain full on-premises.

John White, SharePoint MVP CTO at UnlimitedViz, said: "There are many technical blockers to cloud adoption. There are many SharePoint-based workloads that will not move forward into the cloud (SQL Server Reporting Services Integrated Mode, PowerPivot for SharePoint, PerformancePoint Services) Companies that have made significant investments here cannot move these assets, making a complete move to the cloud impossible, hybrid is the only cloud option. Combine this with the prevalence of third-party solutions (Nintex, K2, etc) and custom solutions, and it is easy to see why some on premises presence will be with us for quite some time.?

It's a fascinating study that you can download here.

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