PowerApps, Flow and Managed Metadata fields?part 2

PowerApps, Flow and Managed Metadata fields?part 2

Paul Culmsee

Hi and welcome to part 2 of my series on showcasing the utility of Flow. Specifically, we are updating managed metadata fields ? which is something that neither PowerApps or Flow can do natively as I type this. Having said that, if you are reading this in 2018 and beyond, it is likely this post is out of date the the gap has been addressed. Nevertheless, there are lots of good nuggets of info in this series that actually go beyond this particular use-case and will arm you with the knowledge to use Flow in all sorts of interesting ways.

At the end of our last exciting instalment, we had created an app principal, a flow and a powerapp. In this post we are going to focus on the first of the three ? the app principal. Recall my analogy from part 1 where I described how the type of oAuth we are using is roughly analogous to getting into a nightclub. Basically our flow is like someone waiting in line to get into the club. Once they get past the bouncer at the door and pay the entrance fee, they are stamped so that they can enter and exit the club as they please, without having to wait in line and pay the entrance fee all over again. The stamp is temporary though, so if the patron returns the next night they will have to show their ID all over again and pay up.



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