Simple (but effective) dashboards in SharePoint

Simple (but effective) dashboards in SharePoint

Matt Wade

One of the more common requests I get about putting SharePoint to good use is how to build a hyper-responsive, beautifully designed, amazingly cogent dashboard displaying all the key performance indicators (KPIs), report updates, big data analyses, and business intelligence of the day.

Feel free to add in whichever new synergistic buzz phrase is relevant to metrics; I've probably been asked for that too.

There's no doubt that big-picture score sheets can be remarkably helpful to get your point across, and one that's pleasing to the eye helps everyone understand it better, especially upper management.

Sure, you can incorporate a lot of this into SharePoint, and my favorite method is using Excel and displaying the dashboard directly on a SharePoint page.

Embedding an Excel spreadsheet is far from the only way to do a dashboard in SharePoint, but it's definitely one of the easiest to implement quickly since most people have a basic understand of how Excel works. 

But for every dashboard request I get, I send a word of caution: dashboards are only as good as the data they represent. A pretty dashboard with minimally valuable data and content isn't worth the time or energy required to create or maintain it. Tread carefully and make sure there's value in moving forward with a dashboard.

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