The 3 Lessons Every IT Team Needs To Learn To Ensure A Successful SharePoint Adoption

Friday, December 22, 2017

The 3 Lessons Every IT Team Needs To Learn To Ensure A Successful SharePoint Adoption

Asif Rehmani

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A company decides to adopt SharePoint. What is the actual role of the IT team?

And, what does the IT team need to know in order to design and execute a successful SharePoint adoption plan?

The short video below answers these questions and explains why the roles of IT teams are expanding.

Some IT teams seem to think that once the deployment is complete and everything is working, their job is done. Note so fast.

Getting an entire company to enthusiastically embrace and actually use SharePoint is not an easy task. And there is always that lingering question without a sure answer: will SharePoint deployment yield a return on investment for the company?

Although every SharePoint adoption strategy has to be tailored to the specificities of a company, there are 5 major components that must always be part of the plan:

  1. Case studies showcasing;
  2. Executive commitment;
  3. Employee engagement;
  4. Digestible training;
  5. And continuous support.

Before talks about which of these tasks fall into the duties of an IT team, let's elaborate a little on each of these major tasks.

Case studies showcasing

To get people in your company to start using SharePoint, just telling them won't work; you need to convince them. And, convincing is all about explaining the benefits the right way.

Those benefits can only be better understood if shown. After you tell your colleagues that SharePoint will improve productivity in the company, the question that follows will definitely be: do you know any success story?

To answer that question, you have to show case studies with clear metrics. In other words, you have to display the positive results others are already enjoying with SharePoint.

Executive Commitment

This is all about leading by example.

Once the executive team is convinced of the benefits that SharePoint brings, their next task is not only to actually use SharePoint but also to explicitly demonstrate their commitment to the platform.

Firstly, they have to make sure that they use SharePoint for all their daily applicable tasks. And, secondly, they have to evangelize their journey with everyone in the company.

There a few ways this can be done successfully. Tons of experts' classes at detail step-by-step action plans.

Employee engagement

This part is straight forward. End-users would always ask this reasonable question: "what's in it for me??

If you can answer that question with both words and numbers, everyone in your company will jump in the SharePoint ship.

This starts by passionately explaining what users gain if they use SharePoint and what they stand to lose if they don't.

By knowing that they will experience a boost in convenience, efficiency, and fun, users will be definitely willing to put in the time to learn and embrace SharePoint.

Digestible training

To be able to use any technology, first learn how. The same is true for SharePoint.

But, something needs to be noted here. Not all trainings are equal. Some are overwhelming; others are bite-size.

In addition, some are generic; others are contextual.

The kind of training that has been proven to improve adoption is contextual training delivered in bite-size dose at the right moments. In other words, the right training is relevant and digestible. VisualSP Help System gives you the tools you need in order to provide such training to your SharePoint users. This kind of training is sometimes called "micro-training?.

Continuous support

It's normal for users to need daily help and guidance when trying to complete certain tasks in SharePoint ? especially in the early stages of the adoption.

Even though there may be tutorials available, occasional in-person help is necessary.

As you may know, effective training minimizes the need for in-person support. That's why it is crucial that you get your colleagues the right kind of training to reduce the support burden on the IT team.

As you can tell, it takes a team effort to drive a successful SharePoint adoption. Sometimes, depending on your company's specific needs, a lot more components have to be added to the overall SharePoint adoption plan.

But, the question remains: which of these components belong to the IT team? Should the IT team adapt to embrace new roles that were traditionally outside their line of duty? And, what's about all the things that need to be understood beforehand?

In the short video below, Richard Harbridge, from 2toLead, gives you short answers to these questions.

Watch more video tutorials at:

asif_rehmani.jpg Author

Asif Rehmani has been a SharePoint Trainer, Consultant, Author, and a SharePoint Server MVP since 2007. He's the founder of VisualSP Help System.

VisualSP provides just-in-time learning and help through proprietary help system software. Also, the website hosts a variety of training videos authored by renowned experts in the industry.

Over the years, Asif has provided SharePoint consulting and training to major clients such as Department of Defense, NASA, Hersheys, Toshiba, State Farm, Federal Home Loan Bank, US Army and many more.

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