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  • In many companies, people work with documents, extensively. Among the common pain-points they would highlight is how hard it is to find documents, especially old documents. They would mention the amount of time that is wasted quite regularly in the efforts to find documents buried into folders and subfolders. To many, the frustration is familiar.

    Using SharePoint definitely solves this problem.

  • As we all know, aside from being its namesake, Modern SharePoint revolutionizes the SharePoint we know and love. Everyday users will particularly enjoy the update, as it makes it a lot easier for them to use, providing them with a more responsive and faster product, straight out of the box. With Communication Sites, Modern Team Sites and other improvements, such as column formatting and business apps integration, users will love to work with the new SharePoint.

  • Request Management with SharePoint – A Primer

    Thursday, August 09, 2018 Scott Restivo

    New hardware, office supplies, access to databases, purchase approvals, leave requests, benefit updates, travel reimbursements – these are just some of the many types of requests that an organization has to contend with every day. Without an organized system in place to manage the requests, a company will suffer from wasted time and lost efficiency due to delayed and unanswered requests – along with the consternation and frustration of employees and customers.

    Requests need to go into an orderly system so they can be handled properly and resolved quickly. The requests must be sent to the right person or group; relevant parties have to be notified; workflows need to run that automate the request processing; there have to be ways to reassign and escalate the request, as well as send alerts and status reports as the request makes its way to completion.

  • Explaining OneDrive: Will the Real OneDrive Stand Up?

    Friday, August 17, 2018 Rob Bogue

    The most frequent confusion that I encounter with users is related to what are OneDrive and OneDrive for Business, and how do I know the difference.  There’s good reason for this.  The OneDrive brand has been used to refer to two different services and multiple different components.

    To be simple about it, OneDrive is the cloud file synchronization platform for Microsoft.  OneDrive keeps files on your PC in sync with files on a cloud-hosted server.  OneDrive has a personal and a commercial offering.  In the commercial offering, OneDrive is also the mechanism that is used to synchronize SharePoint sites.

  • A question comes up quite often: “How do we find internal influential people who can actually help with driving SharePoint and Office 365 adoption?”

    Successful adoption of new technologies is the result of organizational change. And, change seldom happens on it owns; long-term strategic efforts are needed.

    In addition to having a proven strategy, executive influence and peer pressure are needed. You need to assemble a team of influencers that will set expectations and inspire action.

  • Currently, there is a real hype around PowerApps. If you look at them from the bright side all the promises are kept. Well, there always is a “but” – that is clearly expected. Here, however, we don’t have only one of them, we have a heap.

  • Microsoft Ignite is happening this week in the sunny Orlando, FL. Office 365 was one of the most important topics of SharePoint Conference North America in May, 2018, and we expected some further news for Ignite, too. – And here it is: Microsoft just announced Microsoft Search, the “cohesive search that intelligently helps you find, discover, command and navigate”.

    Let’s see what this means.

  • Microsoft Ignite 2018 Wrap Up

    Monday, October 01, 2018 Marc Anderson
    Unless you were under a metaphorical rock last week, you probably were deluged with information coming out of the Microsoft Ignite conference in Orlando. While the conference was heavily weighted toward Azure innovations and enhancements, there was plenty for us to cheer about as SharePointilists. The SharePoint and OneDrive team uses Ignite as one half of its annual announcements cycle, with the May SharePoint Conference North America filling that role for the other half of the year. In each conference, they review what’s happened in the time since the last conference and let us know what will be coming before the next one. In other words, while there is plenty of vision mixed in, the announcements are all about enhancements we should see in the next half year. (Sure, they miss on a few things, but their track record here is strong.)
  • To ensure success in maximizing SharePoint and Office 365 usage, leverage the influential power of executives in your company. When leaders from every department play a role, the initiative becomes a priority to everyone.

    Even though your company size and structure will determine the number of executives to add to your team of stakeholders, aim to recruit at least two executives from every department and assign specific roles to each player. Look beyond your IT department; mobilize efforts from heads of departments across the organization.

  • Currently, there is a real hype around PowerApps. If you look at them from the bright side all the promises are kept. Well, there always is a “but” – that is clearly expected. Here, however, we don’t have only one of them, we have a heap.

    Let’s start slowly and systematically. Data Security is enterprise critical – mobilizing content, too. That’s why a lot of well-governed organizations do not allow apps to be provisioned on their mobile devices if not via their EMM infrastructures. They additionally want to know and decide which data and documents are published on what device as well as what for. And they want to manage the lifecycle of any mobile app. Having created a mobile app is fine. But what if it isn’t allowed to be rolled-out?

  • Top 3 Ways to Manage Orphaned Content

    Monday, October 22, 2018

    What is Orphaned Content?


    Orphaned content is content that doesn’t have any documents linking to it in the portal. This can happen a lot with older content. It’s easy to forget about older content and not remember to link it to new documents within the portal. This makes it difficult to find since there’s nothing in the portal that links to it. Instead of accessing it through a link on another page, you have to know the exact title or URL of the content to be able to find it.

  • Finding Your Path as an IT Pro

    Thursday, November 15, 2018 Teresa Baxmeyer

    Until recently, career paths for IT Professionals seemed well defined, straightforward, and advancement was more or less linear. After choosing an area of interest, technical languages and roles became apparent. Staying on the same path throughout your career was the norm.  However, times have changed and to be successful we must adapt. The pace of change is rapid and employers need professionals who can learn new skills quickly - there is no longer a straight-line career path. After mastering one skill we must move on to the latest release as quickly as possible, constantly looking ahead to what skills are needed next. 

  • In digital workplaces, it is inevitable to collaborate with people outside your organization; and collaboration involves sharing documents. An external user can be anybody, a colleague, a client, a supplier, or a contractor.

    Even though SharePoint and Office 365 are reliable tools for external sharing, we have found that employees in many organizations tend to use third-party tools for sharing documents with external users. There is a simple explanation for this: since external sharing can be risky, IT teams tend to simply disable the feature. Unfortunately, this imposed limitation usually leads to several undesirable consequences: resort to third-party cloud tools, fragmented governance, detriment to user adoption, and more.

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