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  • Akumina today announced the availability of Interchange 2.5, its platform for providing better user experiences with SharePoint, with improved content authoring, site-management and workflow capabilities.

  • I’m calling it ThreeDrive now.

  • Wall Street Network, provider of knowledge management (KM) and collaboration solutions, announced today the latest release of WSN Insight for Microsoft SharePoint. It enables organizations to capitalize on one of their most untapped resources, the tacit knowledge of their workforce. "We have addressed some of the biggest challenges facing every organization in the 21st century by making WSN Insight practical and applicable for integration into daily business activities. The latest enhancements focus on making it easier to collaborate, improve the find-ability of existing content, making connections between workforce teams, project management and faster absorption of critical knowledge and best practices throughout an organization." said Kristina Mazelis, COO & CFO of Wall Street Network.

  • Microsoft this week joined Intuit, Salesforce and others who offer "low-code" application development solutions with the announcement of PowerApps, a low-code solution that empowers information workers and "power users? to create line-of-business applications without writing heavy code.

  • As we go into a long Thanksgiving weekend here in the U.S., many of us will use this extra personal time to get up to speed on the flurry of activity that has been happening around the SharePoint platform this fall. Having returned from the European SharePoint Conference in Stockholm earlier this month, I'm still digging into the details of the keynote led by CVP Jeff Teper—who is back at the helm of SharePoint—as well as OneDrive for Business. He was joined on stage by senior director of product management Seth Patton, and IT Pro favorite Bill Baer, who is a senior technical product manager on the SharePoint team at Microsoft. It was a tremendous lineup, and the team did not disappoint—sharing details of what was coming, as well as some of the areas of investment Microsoft is looking to make over the coming year.

  • Skyhigh Networks, the Cloud Security and Enablement Company, today announced comprehensive support for the recently announced Microsoft Graph, enabling businesses to seamlessly extend security, compliance and governance controls from data across the entire Microsoft Office 365 offering. Microsoft Graph opens multiple APIs from the Microsoft intelligent cloud through a single REST API endpoint. With this integration, Skyhigh for Office 365 now provides coverage for productivity applications with data from the API, including users, groups, organizational contacts, files, folders, mail, insights and relationships.

  • Persistent Systems, an India-based software services provider, today announced it has acquired the services business of SharePoint platform provider Akumina. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

  • Microsoft announced this week that the second beta of SharePoint 2016 will be released before the end of November and will be 99% feature-ready. That should give SharePoint users a real good idea of what the updated server can do, will no longer do, and whether or not an update is the right thing for them now.

  • AvePoint, the established leader in enabling enterprise collaboration across platforms and devices, today announced the general availability of AvePoint Office Connect Service Pack (SP) 2. With the release of AvePoint Office Connect, organizations can ensure sustainable SharePoint adoption across all environments – including cloud, hybrid, and on-premises – and simplify collaboration without requiring end users to change the way they work.

  • Our local newspaper is updating its content-management system, and as a part of that, the staff is going through 12 hours of training. Key changes include an unfamiliar user interface, new functionality designed to eliminate many steps needed to do the same tasks today, and capabilities that didn’t exist in the prior version. The software will be implemented in stages, with certain departments getting it before others, but all the training is being done prior to the launch.

  • Beezy Inc., the premier enterprise social collaboration solution for SharePoint, announced today the general availability of the latest release of its award-winning solution for Office 365, which is also available for SharePoint on-premises. Beezy Version 3 provides enhanced collaboration capabilities across the latest versions of the industry-leading Microsoft intranet and extranet platform, providing a superior user experience and leveraging all of the communication and collaboration capabilities within Office 365 and the Office suite.

    “We are able to match the robust social collaboration found in competing platforms, and we do it within the Office 365 platform. We are the only vendor within the Microsoft partner ecosystem that can match these competitors feature-by-feature, but we raise the bar beyond what they provide with an amazing user experience. There’s nothing else like it on the market today.” Commented Maximo Castagno, Product Lead for Beezy.

    Beezy is the first company to provide migration tools from competitive platforms, such as Jive, IBM Connections, Sitrion (formerly NewsGator). Supporting on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments with a seamless UX, Beezy improves adoption and engagement, and gives customers the flexibility to move to the cloud at their own speed.

    “As we heard from Microsoft CVP Jeff Teper in this morning’s [European SharePoint Conference] keynote, Microsoft is continuing to make investments in the SharePoint platform, and because of that there is a renewed interest in building out a unified collaboration and digital workplace within most organizations. Beezy makes this a much more seamless experience for customers, enhancing and extending the platform that Microsoft provides with additional collaboration capabilities beyond what SharePoint can provide. The end result is that users are more productive, collaborative, and happy.” said Jordi Plana, Beezy’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

  • Cryptzone, a provider of dynamic, context-aware network, application and content security solutions, today announced the release of the new Security Sheriff Site Module. This release adds new capabilities for encrypting, controlling and emailing sensitive SharePoint data using Microsoft RMS.

  • In last week’s SPTechReport, we ran a SharePointers column from development expert Eric Overfield touting the benefits of Bootstrap for taking SharePoint to mobile devices.

  • There are security breaches, and then there are security breaches. Yelp may have the profile info of its users revealed in a massive data breach. Disconcerting to the Yelpers, of course, but nothing to lose sleep over. A hack into adult casual encounter site Ashley Madison, while smaller in number, has already led to several suicides of married people exposed as cheating on their spouses.

  • Ask the SharePoint Experts

    SPTechCon Newswire

    What's the future of SharePoint in 2016? Why are we calling them add-ins now? Get the answers to your hardest SharePoint and Office 365 from a panel of our top of the line SPTechCon speakers hosted by Andrew Connel.

  • Change is the only constant. You must embrace change if you want to stay sane in the SharePoint space. Since Web design strategies continue to evolve with the latest devices, design trends and UI concepts, so too must the underlying frameworks we use day in, day out.

  • Sharegate, the Office 365 and SharePoint Management tool known for its simplicity, extends its popular Insane Migration Mode to On-Premises SharePoint migrations. The feature, previously available to move data to the Cloud on Office 365, will now allow IT Administrators to experience unprecedentedly fast data transfer when migrating SharePoint locally.

  • AvePoint, the established leader in enabling enterprise collaboration across platforms and devices, today announced the general availability of DocAve Governance Automation Service Pack (SP) 6. With this release, IT can involve content owners in SharePoint migrations, provide users with important site information across hybrid environments, and better integrate with existing business processes through the use of third-party workflows.

    With DocAve Governance Automation, organizations can provide end users with a business-centric, role-based service catalog for provisioning, restructuring, moving, or migrating content across SharePoint versions, sites, and deployments. DocAve Governance Automation easily manages lifecycle and permissions management requests, and transcends the capabilities of rigid provisioning and security management solutions. New features for DocAve Governance Automation SP 6 include:

  • Mark Kashman, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, talks about SharePoints renewed focus on productivity in his Keynote at SPTechCon Boston 2015. The new Microsoft is listening carefully to their audiences need and demands and is implementing them in the latest iterations of SharePoint and Office 365. Improvements in content management and helping teams collaborate in new innovative ways will be the focus in the future iterations of SharePoint.

  • James Newman, a Sales Executive at Pluralsight, was a recent guest on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series. The series, which is hosted by TechnologyAdvice’s Josh Bland, explores a variety of business and technology landscapes through conversations with industry leaders.

    In this episode, we discuss what elearning and SharePoint would look like at future SPTechCon events, some of the challenges associated with the software, and more!


  • In a just-posted blog, Microsoft’s CMO Chris Capossela clarified what will happen with the Ignite conference: It’s not being killed, only moved out of Chicago to a time later in the year.

  • Whether you're from a small, mid-size, or large organization Robert Bogue explains in this keynote how to take the SharePoint sketch Microsoft has laid out for users and turn it into a blueprint for your organization's success.

  • AvePoint, the established leader in enabling enterprise collaboration across platforms and devices, today announced the general availability of DocAve 6 Service Pack (SP) 6. With this release, organizations can provide their business users with the tools to work more efficiently in Microsoft SharePoint better support users moving to Office 365.

  • The add-in model for SharePoint (formerly known as the app model) was a major shift in development practices for Office 365 and SharePoint 2013. The add-in model abstracts any third-party, server-side code from the SharePoint server and allows developers to run their custom code in separate contexts. This allows SharePoint administrators to gain stability in their SharePoint implementations and guards them from any poor practices a developer may have used.

  • SPTechCon 2015 wrapped up a month ago, and those of us who were there are still processing the insights we had at the live event in Boston.

  • I recently had a chance to reconnect with Andreas Grabner of Dynatrace, the application performance monitoring and management company. Andreas spoke at the very first SPTechCon back in January 2009 about gaining insights into how SharePoint performs in an organization, and he embarked on a SharePoint Performance Evangelist tour earlier this year.

  • Sometimes it seems like we’re seeing an onslaught of changes in our SharePoint worlds. That means that sometimes I envy my clients who are still on SharePoint 2007 or 2010. They may not have the latest or greatest features, but at least they know what they have, and it’s predictable.

  • Christian Smith, SVP of Global Sales at Nintex delivers his keynote on the digital transformation era, and the increasing importance of lightweight, self-service data, and application creation and integration.

  • In this special Office 365 focused Lightning Talk by Metalogix at SPTechCon, you can find out what Office 365 and Kit from Knight Rider share in common.

  • Insight to acquire BlueMetal

    SPTechCon Newswire

    Insight Enterprises, Inc. today announced the acquisition of BlueMetal, an interactive design and technology architecture firm based in the Boston area, with offices in Chicago and New York.

  • From the halls of IAPP Privacy Academy and CSA Congress’ Privacy. Security. Risk. (P.S.R.) 2015, AvePoint, the established leader in enabling enterprise collaboration across platforms and devices, today introduced the latest release of AvePoint Compliance Guardian. AvePoint Compliance Guardian provides unified risk management from the moment data is created through its entire lifecycle – proactively monitoring and neutralizing violations of privacy, security, and compliance.

  • It takes all kinds of skills to successfully design, develop, and launch a SharePoint solution: sponsors, project Managers, Web designers, developers, information architects, change agents and subject matter experts, just to name a few. But what if I told you that to truly get sustainable adoption of that SharePoint solution, there is really only one skill that all of these roles must put at the top of their list—a skill that is the secret sauce to change a site from good to great. What’s more, this one skill will make developers, architects and designers not only meet requirements, but also delight their sponsors, leaders and clients each and every time.

  • A new method of updating Office 365, added support for data loss prevention, and multi-factor authentication are among the new features to be released in Office 2016 later this month.

  • SharePoint is such a powerful service, and yet there are so many negative things consultants, your own employees and trade magazines say you cannot do without significant infrastructure and investment. Things like mobile SharePoint, branding SharePoint, and building a SharePoint app. While there is some truth in all three, I am focusing on the SharePoint app. I am here to share two ways you could build a SharePoint app without the significant cost and infrastructure.

  • In speaking with SharePoint users, content management remains at or near the top of the reasons they use the software. Recently, two content-management solution providers—Harvest Technology Group and EZONES—popped up on my radar, and depending upon how you define content management, each comes at it from a different direction.

  • 0902.sp-spmarketplace

    SP Marketplace (, the leader in Office 365 business portals and applications, announced SP Gov Suite for small- to medium-size cities and counties (SMC). SP Gov is a complete suite of application templates built on Office 365 that transforms local government by leveraging cloud-based solutions to improve and automate citizen services, employee self-service and community collaboration. 

  • Summing up SPTechCon

    David Rubinstein

    With almost 900 people on hand, and more than 50 exhibitors in our hall, SPTechCon Boston was another exciting event!

  • Have a plan for video

    Brian Prigge

    SPTechCon Boston was another great week of sessions, panels, and exhibit hall attractions. One major change to the conference this year was the addition of video. From Office Video Portal demos in the Microsoft keynote, to the streaming of all main stage sessions, it was clear that video has arrived in the SharePoint space.

  • Today we are announcing the general availability of Office UI Fabric on GitHub. Office UI Fabric is a responsive, mobile-first, front-end framework for developers, designed to make it simple to quickly create web experiences using the Office Design Language. It’s simple and familiar to get up and running with Office UI Fabric—whether you’re creating a new app from scratch or adding new features to an existing one.

  • With the release of a preview of SharePoint 2016 Monday, Microsoft has revealed the server that will act as a bridge to the cloud. The preview (some called it a pre-preview) focuses primarily on IT administration and enables cloud services to be integrated with the back end.

  • In the midst of the 2015 edition of the SharePoint Technology Conference—fondly known as SPTechCon—it’s tempting to look back over the last few years in the SharePoint universe.

  • Responsive_Design_OneWindow

    Portal Solutions, a technology consulting firm that designs and delivers modern digital workplaces on Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint platforms, today announces the launch of its ready-to-go social intranet solution for Office 365, OneWindow Workplace. 

  • Lightning Tools is delighted to announce the release of a Microsoft SharePoint Online Add-in to manage SharePoint permissions.

  • People always want to know what other people in their line of work are doing, to measure themselves and their organizations against. Our regular survey of attendees to next week’s SPTechCon event in Boston revealed some interesting facts.

  • Office 365 brings a continually increasing toolset of productivity tools that, although they are supposed to work together, often have to be combined using unique strategies to truly make Office 365 shine within an organization. For Office 365 to be a success, Office 365 must be a productivity tool that can be used to add value to existing business requirements and processes while ideally not changing the way end users work. Some disruption is inevitable, but realistically an organization can only change so much with any given tool. With so many possibilities and limited time, I find it helps to investigate how Microsoft utilizes Office 365 internally to see what I can glean.

  • When SharePoint 2016 becomes available to the public in Q1 2016, there will be five versions in use by organizations around the world. That’s a lot of collaboration! When I think about all the questions I have been asked about SharePoint over the years, I realize that many of them are the same. They’re primarily about how to USE a functional piece of the system, how to create a workflow, or how to maximize a specific efficiency within an organization. Seldom am I asked a generic question, such as how or when to upgrade from one version to the next.

  • Nintex, the global standard in workflow automation, today announced its award-winning workflow technology is available for customers in the Microsoft Office 365 Government Community Cloud (GCC) and accessible to all U.S. government agencies helping CIOs and IT professionals automate 'simple to mission-critical' processes to drive agency-wide productivity and improve collaboration.

  • Intlock, developer of CardioLog Analytics, recently announced their seamless integration with Microsoft’s Power BI. The integration allows for the visualization of CardioLog Analytics through new live and interactive dashboards, to enhance SharePoint as well as overall business performance and monitoring.

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