San Francisco, CA

February 18-21, 2020

Hyatt Regency SFO

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SPTechCon will again feature Half Day and Full Day Tutorials to kick off the event.  The Tutorials will be held on Sunday, February 10th and are included in the Full Conference Pass.  A snapshot of the tutorials are below - full details can be found in the Interactive Conference Program.

Full Day Tutorials

Modern Application Development with Office, SharePoint and Azure

Presented by Eric Shupps

Progress can sometimes be difficult. Unlike times past, when developers had limited options for building Office and SharePoint solutions, the current landscape offers a confusing array of options for building on-premises, cloud and hybrid solutions. From SharePoint add-ins to Azure web applications, there is a lot to know about how, when, where and why to use each development model. In this full day interactive workshop, we will explore each option, discuss the pros and cons, determine the optimal conditions for each, and see them in action with a series of deep-dive demonstrations. You will learn the pre-requisites for building modern Office and SharePoint applications, gain exposure to the tools and platforms, walk through detailed use cases and equip yourself with the knowledge of not only how to create apps and add-ins but also which to use in each situation.

PowerApps Jumpstart with a Sprinkling of Flow and SharePoint

Presented by Shane Young and Todd Klindt

In this session, we are going to learn all about PowerApps together. We will start at the beginning with how to make your first app and then go crazy from there. Okay, maybe not crazy, but we will explore the various nooks and crannies of the product so you leave understanding how PowerApps work. The focus will be to "Teach you how to fish" meaning we want to make sure you learn how to learn PowerApps yourself.
The session will be 97.23% demo. And while the focus will be on PowerApps: Flow, SharePoint, OneDrive, SQL, Azure, and more will be incorporated so you understand better where PowerApps fits into the ecosystem.

Some Quick Wins to Jump Start Your SharePoint Implementation

Presented by Stacy Deere-Strole

The determination of success vs failure for all projects is whether or not what you have implemented is being utilized by the users.  Better well known as User Adoption!!  However, many wonder what can I do to make sure I’m giving the users what they want, what they didn’t know they needed but will make their job easier and something I like to call the “Plus A Little” and\or the WOW Factor!  Quick wins are identified as things that are quick to do, take very little time to implement (low cost), and have a HUGE impact within the organization.  In this session we are going to explore & build out different features within your SharePoint (O365 & OnPrem) environment that will make your SharePoint implementation the Rock Star of all projects ever implemented. 

Half Day Tutorials

Building a Simple Intranet using SharePoint Online Communication Sites

Presented by Stephanie Donahue

Have you been thinking about upgrading SharePoint? Or maybe you've moved into Office 365 and you don't know where to get started. I have this conversation with my customers all of the time. This is what I hear:
• Our first pass at SharePoint didn't go so well
• We know it can do more, but we just use SharePoint as a web-based file share
• We would love to use SharePoint - or is it Teams now? or OneDrive???

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone! It's a common struggle and I help customers answer these questions every day. Whether you need technical advice on migration and backups or help convincing stubborn end users to use new tools, you can attend this workshop to get access to the templates I use with my customers every day! You'll walk out with site architecture examples, a sample implementation plan, and a pitch deck to help you gain support for your deployment. Join me and get your deployment moving forward successfully!

Office 365 Security Strategy - Why and How to Create One

Presented by Ben Curry

This workshop will include best practices from 11x MVP Ben Curry and real-world applications from, Jim Miller, a COO of 17 Years within the healthcare industry. This unique pairing will offer new perspectives and leave each attendee with a guide to Office 365 Security, the options available, and a logical order to creating a security plan. This tutorial will walk you through planning for the major security areas such as: " Data Governance " Tenant Security " eDiscovery and classification " Azure Information Protection " Azure AD security options " Conditional Access and Multi-factor Authentication " OneDrive for Business Governance and Security” and more.

SharePoint Designer Workflow Quick Start

Presented by Scott Shearer

SharePoint Designer Workflows are still a valuable tool for automating SharePoint tasks.  In this demo-rich session, we'll start by creating a few simple workflows designed to accomplish common SharePoint tasks.  Then we'll gradually introduce more advanced Designer workflow features and end the day with a workflow that calls a SharePoint web service.  Please note that both on-premises and Office 365 SharePoint users can create Designer Workflows.

If you are new to creating Designer workflows, this session will provide you with the practical knowledge you need to start creating workflows today!

Half Day Tutorials Continued ...

4 Keys to Avoid the Slippery Slope of Content Migration

Presented by Jill Hannemann and Adam Levithan

The migration landscape has changed greatly over the last 5 years. At first, we focused on SharePoint On-Premises, then added SharePoint Online as an alternative. Now, we need to consider file shares, personal files, cloud solutions and other content management systems as sources. However, no matter what the source or destination, we’ve seen a consistent theme - organizations underestimate the complexity and level of effort required for a successful, smooth migration. Whether you are planning to complete your own migration, or engaging a vendor to assist, this workshop will discuss 4 keys to avoid the slippery slope in SharePoint to SharePoint and overall content migrations. Jill Hannemann & Adam Levithan will guide the workshop through:

- Defining Your Migration Scope
- Planning and Budgeting Migrations
- Creating Buy-In within your Organization
- Optimizing Your Migration Effort

Microsoft Flow for SharePoint Quick Start

Presented by Scott Shearer

Microsoft Flow is the successor to SharePoint Designer Workflows. While Flow is not just a SharePoint tool, this session will focus on using Flow with SharePoint. We’ll start by creating Flows from templates. Then we’ll move into creating Flows from scratch. We’ll explore how to do many of the operations you now perform with Designer Workflows with Flow. In addition, you’ll see how to use Flow to do many tasks you could never do with Designer Workflows. We’ll cover Flow approvals and how to escalate an approval. If you are new to creating Flows, this session will give you the tools you need to start creating time saving Flows immediately.

Top Reasons to Deploy in Office 365 Government Community Cloud (High) and Azure Government

Presented by Ben Curry

Two of Microsoft’s biggest investments in cloud SaaS and IaaS in 2018 are often overlooked, misunderstood, and likely to become the gold standard for most organizations by 2020. Take the opportunity to learn from one of the first architects to successfully migrate to and configure O365 GCC High tenants. In this workshop, participants will walk through the benefits of both environments and understand how they fit into the broader operational roadmap.


  • I have been going to this conference since it first started. It keeps getting better and the collaboration...networking opportunities/friends you make are there well after conference is over. Speakers are very forthcoming about helping you. Speakers are much more interactive than they used to be. I try to go to this conference at least once a year. I can actually apply the notes to the real world.
    Ruth Shyer
    Independent O365 & SharePoint Consultant - SuMMit Consulting, LLC
  • The conference has been outstanding, brilliant. Love the food and drinks! The conference is a great opportunity to collaborate with colleagues in the same field and I’m looking forward to returning and staying in touch.
    Francis DeAtley
    Web Content Manager & Security - Berry Aviation Inc.
  • The instructors made it easy to understand the technical aspects of what SharePoint has to offer and the wide range of classes covered just about everything I can think of that involve SharePoint.
    Victor Escobedo
    Application Development Specialist - Barrios Technology LTD




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