Hear what others have to say about SPTechCon: The SharePoint and Office 365 Conference

"The speakers at this conference...are top notch. I can learn from the best people in the business, which is awesome, and then the other part of it is a bit of marketing."

"It's really all about the connections that you're making while you're here."

"If you can get here, do it."

"The case studies really talk to the issues that we are facing and providing a lot of great examples and a lot of great advice..."

"It's a great networking opportunity and a learning experience"

"They do cover all sorts of things here from all sorts of solutions in the cloud..."

"This has been a real good mix of information that we needed"

"I really have enjoyed some of the development sessions"

"The information I'm getting out of the workshops this morning so far have been excellent"
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